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    Index of Materials - Special Offer - Price

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    AL603402Alumina Sheet,    
    Thickness:4.0mm, Purity:99.7%, Price:Special Offer
    AM307918Polyamide - Nylon 6 Rod,    
    Diameter:25mm, Colour:Black, Reinforced With:3-5% MoS2, Price:Special Offer
    CO010410Havar® - High-Strength Non-Magnetic Alloy Foil,    
    Thickness:0.5mm, Price:Special Offer, Temper:As Rolled
    CV007060Copper - O.F.H.C. Tube,    
    Outside Diameter:0.635mm, Wall Thickness:0.18mm, Inside Diameter:0.275mm, Purity:99.95+%, Price:Special Offer
    CZ057120Nickel Silver (18) Tube,    
    Outside Diameter:1.0mm, Wall Thickness:0.1mm, Inside Diameter:0.8mm, Temper:Hard, Price:Special Offer
    CZ057240Nickel Silver (18) Tube,    
    Outside Diameter:1.6mm, Wall Thickness:0.15mm, Inside Diameter:1.3mm, Temper:Hard, Price:Special Offer
    CZ057400Nickel Silver (18) Tube,    
    Outside Diameter:4.0mm, Wall Thickness:0.25mm, Inside Diameter:3.5mm, Temper:Hard, Price:Special Offer
    CZ057750Nickel Silver (18) Tube,    
    Outside Diameter:6.35mm, Wall Thickness:0.5mm, Inside Diameter:5.35mm, Temper:Hard, Price:Special Offer
    FE047750Glass Sealing Alloy Tube,    
    Outside Diameter:9.0mm, Wall Thickness:0.5mm, Inside Diameter:8mm, Temper:As Drawn, Price:Special Offer
    MO000281Molybdenum Foil,    
    Thickness:0.075mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed, Price:Special Offer
    NI110251Monel® alloy 400 Foil,    
    Thickness:0.030mm, Temper:Annealed, Price:Special Offer
    NI110350Monel® alloy 400 Foil,    
    Thickness:0.12mm, Temper:Annealed, Price:Special Offer
    NI110380Monel® alloy 400 Foil,    
    Thickness:0.3mm, Temper:Annealed, Price:Special Offer
    SI817195Borosilicate Glass Tube,    
    Outside Diameter:95mm, Wall Thickness:5mm, Inside Diameter:85mm, Price:Special Offer
    SU303400Polyethersulphone Sheet,    
    Thickness:10.0mm, Colour:Clear Amber, Price:Special Offer
    SU603012Superwool® Sheet,    
    Thickness:10mm, Grade:H, Price:Special Offer
    TA007080Tantalum Tube,    
    Outside Diameter:1.1mm, Wall Thickness:0.2mm, Inside Diameter:0.70mm, Purity:99.9%, Temper:Annealed, Price:Special Offer
    TI000412Titanium Foil,    
    Thickness:0.3mm, Purity:99.6+%, Temper:Annealed, Price:Special Offer
    TI007909Titanium Rod,    
    Diameter:2mm, Purity:99.6+%, Temper:Annealed, Condition:Grade 1 - ASTM B348 Chemistry only, Price:Special Offer

    Click here to search our on-line Catalogue for items matching SPECIAL OFFER - PRICE