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    Your global supplier for materials

    Custom Manufacturing


    As a provider of a huge range of different materials for a wide range of academic and industrial uses, Goodfellow has built up a wealth of experience in not only selecting your most suitable material for an application but also in providing finished components. Regardless of the stage of your manufacturing cycle, either at prototype, pre-production or mass production volumes, Goodfellow Industrial Products can provide a complete service.

    For example, a production company usually has a large number of suppliers, making life difficult for the procurement/purchasing department.  A part may be ordered as raw material, shipped to another supplier for machining, then to another for coating, leading to a complex relationship with a large number of suppliers.  Goodfellow Industrial Products offers to simplify your supply chain by providing our materials in the precise form that you require, allowing you to reduce the number of suppliers you need to manage.  Services we can offer on top of our standard materials include:

    • Precision machining, cutting, turning, rolling, drilling, grinding, milling, etc
    • Forming, bending, shaping, etc
    • Coating with almost any metal or polymer to a defined thickness
    • Surface treatment, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, etc

    Please contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to help you.