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    Meet the Goodfellow Team: Dr. Aphrodite Tomou

    Goodfellow’s team sits at the heart of the company. Each individual employee has a big impact on the company’s day-to-day operations and overall success.

    In our series of meet-the-team blog posts, we speak to one member of the team about his or her role, expertise and opinions on scientific innovation. Today, we’re speaking to Dr Aphrodite Tomou.

    Name: Aphrodite Tomou

    Role: Technical Manager

    Team: Technical

    Tell us a little about your background and expertise

    My background is focused on materials science and engineering. The range of my expertise spans from nanomaterials to metals, ceramics and glass.

    In terms of academic qualifications, I hold a PhD and Masters in materials science and engineering. As a result of this, several of my papers have been published in peer-reviewed international journals. Moreover, I have presented at numerous international conferences as an invited speaker, while being a member of Innovate UK and BSI consortiums on graphene products and commercialisation.

    What is your role at Goodfellow?

    Goodfellow offers an extensive range of products and one of my main responsibilities is to oversee the monitoring and enhancements of these products. My team consists of scientists and engineers with expertise in various material areas and processes. Together, I and the technical team assist researchers and engineers, on a day-to-day basis, in finding solutions to even the most challenging of research problems.

    In general, my job includes answering technical enquiries, reviewing product ranges and monitoring industry trends to get inspiration for introducing new products!

    What do you like to do outside of work?

    Meet friends and travel – when social distancing restrictions aren’t in place! I also like to read books while listening to my favourite Indie/British music, as well as taking care of my physical and mental wellbeing by attending yoga classes. From time to time, depending on the inspiration, I also hand-make jewellery. 

    What does the future of Goodfellow and materials science look like?

    Goodfellow is aware of the current and upcoming trends in the industry, for example, sustainability and green initiatives. This is of huge interest to our customers now and is only likely to grow in the future, as global environmental awareness continues to increase.

    Manufacturing industries have realized that the use of sustainable and recyclable products or processes will benefit future generations, while sustainable materials and green production can assist companies in various profitable ways.

    Goodfellow has introduced a green production brochure which contains details of our materials that have either been made via a green production route, are recycled, are biodegradable or are aimed towards energy efficiency.  As a key driver is perpetual innovation, pursuing quality enhancement of green materials is a primary goal.  Thus, the trade-off between quality and sustainability is minimal.

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