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    Meet the Goodfellow Team: Ron Clawson

    Meet the Goodfellow Team: Ron Clawson

    Goodfellow’s team sits at the heart of the company. Each individual employee has a big impact on the company’s day-to-day operations and overall success.

    In our series of meet-the-team blog posts, we speak to one member of the team about their role, expertise and opinions on scientific innovation. Today, we’re speaking to Ron Clawson.


    Name: Ron Clawson

    Role: Technical Sales Associate                                                  

    Team: Sales

    Tell us a little bit about your background and expertise

    My background is in chemistry. After graduating from undergrad in 2016, I worked in the world of coatings and shortly found my way to Goodfellow. I have been with Goodfellow for most of my professional career!

    What is your role at Goodfellow?

    My role is predominantly sales, which includes working on customer requests and providing them with quotes, as well as order entry and providing the customer with excellent service. Beyond sales, I do ‘goods in’ and shipping for the USA office. I’m also the Health and Safety lead for the US as well.

    What do you like to do outside of work?

    I’m currently working on obtaining my MBA in leadership and management, so most of my time out of work is dedicated to studying. 

    When I’m not in graduate school, I love travelling (when permitted!) to NYC to see Broadway shows. I also act and sing in various theatre productions throughout the Pittsburgh area. I love and live all things theatre! Music is a huge part of my life; I really enjoy listening to Adele, Cam and Sam Smith. I also love reading, and some of my favourite books are Where the Crawdads SingThe Help and The Lorien Legacies.

    What does the future of Goodfellow and materials science look like?

    I think that the future of materials science relies heavily on additive manufacturing and how this process can be used in automotive and aerospace applications as well as others. Goodfellow has a way of staying up to date with emerging technologies, and we therefore have an advantage over a lot of our competitors – as we are already developing materials that can be used in various processes across the industry. In doing this, Goodfellow will continue to grow as the leading material provider.

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