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    The new normal: how the materials science industry is responding to life during a pandemic

    Since early 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic has been making significant changes to life on a global scale. From a huge increase in working from home to operational implications across science and industry, materials science has certainly not escaped this widespread impact.

    So, what exactly has the industry done in response to the pandemic and what does the future look like?

    Responding to restrictions

    The first way the industry needed to adapt, alongside many others, was to reduce staff on any company premises in order to socially distance and reduce contact as much as possible. While some industries saw operations shut down completely, many applications within the scientific community have had consistent requirements throughout, so while it hasn’t been ‘business as usual’, it’s been ‘business’ nonetheless.

    Social distancing and other health measurements remain in place as more and more industries get back to ‘the new normal’ that we’ve been dealing with.

    An industry united

    Though devastating for the world both financially and socially, one positive outcome from Covid-19 is the world’s united front, with communities coming together for a common cause.

    Materials have played a huge part in the fight against coronavirus, which is a big reason behind Goodfellow remaining operational over the last few months. From coil used in volunteer programmes to make facemasks and PPE, to platinum/iridium wires that have been used in the production of flow meters for medical ventilators, Goodfellow materials have played a big part in the world’s united front to fight the virus.

    These materials have been provided either in the form of donations or through ongoing partnerships with our customers. We know how hard our partners are working to make a positive difference amid this pandemic and we’re proud to have helped these efforts along the way.

    What’s next?

    The reality is that nobody knows exactly what the future holds, but everyone’s hope is to return to normality – with the main question being how long it will take to get back to that. Either way, the scientific community continues to work tirelessly, doing important work both for the sake of, and in spite of, the pandemic.

    Meanwhile, Goodfellow remains fully operational and is following safety guidelines to protect the health of staff and customers.

    Our technical team are still available to answer your enquiries and provide guidance on the selection of materials to meet the requirements of your application. For any questions about our materials and specifications, please contact us.


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