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    Your global supplier for materials

    Welcome to the Goodfellow blog

    Here at Goodfellow, we know just how useful our material and technical expertise can be. Sharing knowledge and advice is a big part of what we do for our customers and wider audiences alike.

    Whether that’s sharing insight on the usage of our own materials, or wider industry innovations and STEM insights, we want to share this knowledge with you. That’s why we’ve officially launched our Goodfellow blog!

    What can you expect to see on the blog?

    This will be a space for you to access a whole host of quick-fire, useful information, answering your questions about a wide range of topics. We’ll be sharing info about material innovation, industry developments and even STEM subjects, such as tools and techniques for educational purposes. 

    From interviews with our technical team to ‘how to’ articles, we’ll be sharing content in a different range of formats that are always straightforward and accessible.

    Who can benefit from the information shared here?

    Our blog will be catering to anyone interested in science and industry. So, whether you’re working in industrial R&D, using advanced materials in design projects or you’re a student studying materials science, our content is tailored to you.

    Since we’re covering such a wide range of topics, you can consider our blog as a snapshot of materials science. You might learn more about a material you’ve never worked with before, or you could learn a great way to teach the next generation of scientists!

    Can I sign up for the latest updates?

    To keep up with all the latest blog posts and the latest Goodfellow news, simply bookmark the blog homepage, or why not sign up to the Goodfellow newsletter?

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